Franchisee Details

In order to help each and every individual of this nation in getting proper education and business opportunity, we have come up with all new program of Abacus Franchise in Maharashtra. This program is helping us to reach to almost every existing individual in this country who is willing to learn and do business. With the most effective and unique program, we are helping various entrepreneurs to start their own business on educational grounds and gain maximum profits out of minimum investments. The I-Genius Abacus franchise providers in Maharashtra are providing world class opportunity to the dynamic housewives who are willing to come of their houses and work for the betterment of their family members and are also willing to do something in the favour of society as well.

I-Genius Franchises concept involves a very less amount of monetarily investment and provides extreme gains and benefits to the owner of the franchise. In short, with the help of Abacus franchise in India from I-Genius, you are allowed to do business with a brand name which is already established and is well accepted among the people.


There are a number of franchise options which are provided by us to the people:

  • Abacus Center Franchise
  • Abacus Master franchise

We are known to provide world class facilities with our franchise programs. We provide free of cost training to the staff which is responsible for teaching the students at your end. This is to make sure that the students who are getting Abacus training are trained by specifically expert teachers and staff members. We also strive to provide extremely genuine and exclusively designed course material to the students which can make it easy for them to get all the knowledge regarding that particular topic. Along with all these things, a number of things like marketing materials, online examinations apparatus and a lot more are provided by the Abacus franchise which can help you a lot in getting more and more benefits out of least investments.

Abacus Franchise is considered as the one of the most effective and unique program which helps the entrepreneurs to build up a business related to education.

Abacus offers you the training related to business plan, technical backup etc. in the most effective way so that you can run your business in a very graceful way. We will provide you every single guideline which will help you to know all the basic knowledge of Abacus Franchise. If you are interested in becoming part of this Franchise, then you are not required to have any specialized diploma or degree. The only thing which you need to run this Franchise in a most efficient way is confidence, dedication, and energetic. It is your responsibility to let the people of your area, get proper knowledge about the Abacus Franchise.

As the part of I-Genius Franchise, you will be allotted with a license so that you can conduct classes for several programs which are offered by Abacus I-Genius Academy. It is an academy which offers monitoring systems, brand name, examination material, logo, course contents. Not only this, several types of Abacus competitions which are based on National and State level, are organized once a year.

I-Genius Abacus Academy is considered as the fastest education growing company in the field of Abacus Maths, Vedic Math’s, Rubik’s Cube, Handwriting. This Academy has skilled and experts’ number of team which is ruled by the energetic and dynamic individuals. We are providing our Franchisees in all parts of India in several categories like:


  • Abacus Unit Centre Franchise.
  • Abacus City Master Franchise

We provide Abacus Franchise in Maharashtra at a very affordable cost where you can gain extreme profits with very low investments. You just have to pay a very small Franchise fees against which you will be provided with following things like:

  • We train the teaching staff.
  • We provide best class of learning material.
  • We Provide good quality teaching material.
  • Branding Designs.
  • Better management techniques for office.
  • Proper demonstration classes for continuous business.
  • Good amount of gains at very low investments.

Every Abacus Teacher faculty gets an Online Login Facility. This will enable students and teachers to download results.
Every registered parents / student will receive timely SMS alerts on their registered mobile numbers for key events.
In-charge teachers representing top performing academy will be honored with ‘Inspiring Teacher’ award


Advantages of ABACUS Franchise

With the best in class program of Abacus Franchise in India, we are providing best in class business solutions for all the dynamic ladies present out there! Yes, with our franchise program, you can get all the benefits of a good and successful business and get extreme profits with a very low investment. Below mentioned are some advantages or benefits that we offer for our Abacus Franchise holder in India.


  • Provides training to the teaching staff.
  • Marketing materials / branding design
  • Good amounts of profits are offered at extremely low investment.
  • Good quality of course material is provided.
  • Management of office through latest technology.
  • Demonstrations are provided free to gain more business.

1. Infrastructure:
1 or 2 classrooms that can accommodate 20 students each
2. Faculty Criteria:
Female faculty with graduate and good English skill

How did you hear about I-Genius?

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Why to take franchisee instead of starting own business?

  • Launching a startup business takes a tremendous amount of Time, Knowledge, Capital and Business knowledge.
  • The business owner must simultaneously be able to handle a wide range of responsibilities.
  • The risk of investment, failure & time management is always there.
  • Need a lot of initial and operating capital to set up of office, furniture’s, peripherals

Why to take a Franchisee?

  • Low investment- high profit
  • All materials provided by company
  • No investment for promotional material
  • No need of registration of your business
  • Business plan provided by company
  • Support by company to set up your own center
  • Stationary, application book, receipt books, brand name all provided by company
  • Download Franchisee Form and send us filled form at