Abacus Mental Arithmetic National Level Open Competition July-19

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I-Genius Abacus Academy is an ISO Certified academy which has been working in the field of children brain/ skill development education since the year 2008. We are research driven company striving to provide innovative and cost –effective brain and skill development programs to children’s I-Genius Abacus Academy’s programs are well design for brain skilled developments and it’s very useful to improve their overall school academics achievement’s and to confidentially challenges and achieve success. I-Genius educations programs is based on math calculations and visual arithmetic , mental maths ,Vedic Maths which help to develop & boost kids concentration , calculation speed , memory power, increased learning abilities, improve listening skills, & many more developments in children aged 4 to 15th years.

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At Igeniusindia, we work on different areas to make your child future ready. To know more about all this do write-visit-call us.

World Record Recognition

I-Genius Abacus Academy Created the Largest World Record

in Wonder Book of Record International


Question Papers

Elementry Model Question Paper- 3

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Elementry Model Question Paper- 2

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Elementry Model Question Paper - 1

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3rd level model question paper-III

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3rd level model quetion paper-II

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3rd level model question paper-I

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2nd Level Model Quetion Paper-II

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2nd level model question paper-III

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