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ABACUS – (Eligibility: 4 to 14 year’s Students)

Course Complete in total: 09 Levels

(Duration of each level is Approx.: 3 Months, 12 sessions 2 hours, once a week)

What is Abacus?

 An abacus is a centuries old tool, made up movable beads. On this tool, user can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and gradually users start to visualize this tools in mind, and do mental calculation.

Benefits of Abacus Learnings: 

Learning abacus in childhood, makes children more focused, and expert in mental calculations. It is becoming popular worldwide due to this lifelong benefits.

  1. Fast Addition / instant subtraction.

  2. Squaring a two / three-digit numbers.

  3. Developing concentration.

  4. Generating self-confidence.

  5. Make any table within some second.

  6. Higher marks in math and science.

  7. Make mathematic easy and interesting.

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Course Videos

Your Kids will no longer struggle with maths. They will start loving it. Watch the whizzkidzs story and find out more!


Abacus learning helps improves problem solving skills, sharpen concentration, develops confidence and improves memory
power in children.