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Easy Maths


Easy Maths” as the name suggests is an easy and simple approach to mathematics that allows a child to perform mathematical calculations mentally through the concepts of Vedic maths with great accuracy, simplicity, and speed. Based on the Ancient Indian teachings more popularly known as Vedas it is a great system of reasoning and mathematical working. Mathematical formula become efficient, easy and fast to learn and use through this concept. The concept of Easy Maths is taken from Vedic mathematics .

Important of this concept

In the competitive world today everyone is racing against time, in terms of mathematics only the child having fast calculative ability can pace up with time and win the race. Time saved can be used to solve more problems or used for difficult problems. It will be a subject of interest for and shall create an interest in a child to make a mark in the cometitive entrance exams. Students will be able to comprehend the logic of vedic math if they are given initial training when they reach 6th standard. It is amazing to know that 16 sutras helped the Vedic seers in calculating complex mathematical problems mentally.

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